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Card to cash (Card 2 cash) is the best Gift card & Bitcoin Company in Nigeria to sell Gift card, Bitcoins & RMB.

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Sell Gift Cards

Sell gift cards in Nigeria on Card to cash (Card 2 cash)! We buy all kinds of gift cards from Amazon Gift cards, Apple gift cards etc, offer the best rate and our transactions up to 20 miuntes along with your naira payment. Click button below to trade.

Sell Bitcoin

Sell bitcoins in Nigeria! Card to cash (card 2 cash) buy any amount of bitcoin (bitcoin rise or bitcoin fall), we stabilize the bitcoin economy in Nigeria with a very good market exchange rate to ease you off the high blood pressure.

Sell RMB

Sell RMB in Nigeria! Card to cash (Card 2 cash) buys Chinese currencies in exchange for Naira, you can now transact with the Chinese and receive your payment in Naira using card 2 cash RMB exchange.

About Card 2 Cash (Card to Cash)

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What We Do.

Do you want to sell gift card for naira in Nigeria? Card 2 cash (Card to cash) buys bitcoin and gift cards in Nigeria in bulk and small quantities ranging from $50 above. We also buy Chinese currencies but we don’t sell. Card 2 cash is here to help you make instant cash, you can trade with us by clicking on the sell now button or the trade button on the slider and menu bar, you can also trade using the live chat widget located at the lower right comer of our website. We only request for your account number, name, type and bank name for instant payment. Read Privacy Policy

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  •  Sell RMB
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  • Buy Steam card
  • Buy Walmart card
  • Google Play card
  • Sephora card
  • Play Station card, etc
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Sell your gift cards, Bitcoins and RMB for naira in Nigeria in four steps


Get Digital Currency

Get your gift cards (images), bitcoin and RMB ready for transfer to card2cash, bitcoin wallet, or RMB account. Make sure you are ready and patient.


Locate Trade Button

You can find the “start trading” on the first section of our website or locate any “Trade Now” button on any section of our website.


Negotiate With Vendor

This is the third step to sell gift cards, Bitcoins & RMB in Nigeria to card 2 cash (Card to cash), the best Gift cards, Bitcoins company: After clicking the button you will be redirected to WhatsApp to negotiate with the card2cash vendor, ask for rate and send your gift card images as required


Recieve Payment

Finally your naira is ready to get credited in your account! After your card has been confirmed, the vendor will request for your account details and a payment proof will be sent to you. See payment proofs

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I have used card2cash for my gift card exchange over thousands of gift cards and not only that, I exchange my bitcoin for naira with card2cash, they are simply the best.

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