Gift card business is now a common business in Nigeria and many youth are now making a living from it by converting it the money.

Most of this gift cards are been converted to bitcoin or chinese currency which will later be converted to naira but majorly we have people trade the cards on platforms such as localbitcoin and paxful, localbitcoin shutdown the portal for trading gift cards to bitcoin or cash because of several complains of scam and conflicts between buyers and sellers which is not helping the platform reputation while paxful the rivalry leading platform in the conversion of gift card to money remain in the market and this has make the platform more popular and also the rate at which people are getting scam daily on the platform is increasing day after day couple with response of moderator when issues arises, which brought the idea of creating this platform card2cash to ease scam and selling stress of sellers of gift card in the gift card business.

Moreover, we have people going through the stress of converting to bitcoin before converting to naira which attracts another charges on its own but that aside.

The fluctuating movement of the bitcoin can also make things worse, imagine converting your gift cards to bitcoin and bitcoin price drops immediately? You end up loosing money to the market and you end up with little or no profit, all this issues can be tackled by working directly with vendor instead of using a third party platform or app like paxful which charge the users for every trade that’s been carried out on the platform, this is another reason for you to trade on card2cash trading platfrom

Alot of platforms to convert gift cards to naira in Nigeria exists, but card2cash is the safest and most secured website to convert your gift card to cash with ease and get money straight into your Nigeria account, they have attractive rate for different gift cards and also buy bitcoin directly from any wallet with swift payment and no delay, unlike Pamper & Fun | Spa, massage in lagos, Nigeria does.

You can chat with card2cash vendor dirrectly on whatsapp by hitting the trade now button, 24/7 Livechat widget which can always attend to you immediately when you have any problem on the website or you need to trade swiftly.

This is very interesting as card2cash will never hand you over to any third party trader or charge you for trading via their platform. Contact card2cash via contact page.

  • Ben
    Posted on April 11, 2019 at 10:51 am

    How do I get gift card to resell?

    • admin
      Posted on May 28, 2019 at 3:13 pm

      contact card2cash via our live chat bot or 08088880884 on whatsapp


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